Fleet 1 puts on three racing series each year, the Spring and Fall series are Saturday only races put on by Fleet 1. These take place on Lakes within an hour of the Greater Seattle area, and Puget Sound. The Road Warrior series are two day events put on by other yacht clubs that have invited us to participate.
Our Races are low key and we welcome newcomers and try to teach them the lines (ropes). If you are interested in racing, bring your boat or you can crew on another boat to get the feel for it.
Any San Juan 21 can participate but only Fleet 1 Members will be scored for the Season Hi-Point Trophy given out at the end of the year.

Fleet 1 has two classes, the Working Sails class and the Spinnaker class. The working sails class uses the small working jib and the mainsail while the Spinnaker class adds the chute.

The San Juan 21 comes with 4 sails, the Main, the Jib, the Genoa and the Spinnaker. The Genoa is a 135% foresail that has a very limited wind speed range. Any wind speed over 12 mph and the Genoa is overpowering. The typical winds here in the northwest tend to swing through that 12 mph range frequently so you don’t find many Genoa’s here in the Northwest.