Outboard motor cart

By Christian lamp:
I needed something better than my garage floor to store my outboard. It worked well for my old 2 stroke, but this new 4 Stroke requires a lot more room since you have to lay it on it's side. So I decided to build an outboard cart for it. In addition I had some carb problems when I got it so a cart helps facilitate repairs.
I used two 8' 2x4's and cut them up into a few pieces. 2x36", 3x16" and 2x18". I used some 3" Deck Screws to hold it all together, and some cheap 2$ rubber casters from Harbor Freight. The pictures should be pretty easy to determine what you need to do to put it all together. In all it cost about 10-15$ to build.
It's pretty sturdy, my 3.5hp LS 4 Stroke weighs a claimed 40 lbs. If I had a heavier motor i'd likely put some angle braces down at the bottom to give the uprights a bit more support. In addition, a handle of some sort could easily be fashioned.