Maintenance & Spares

By Stephen Jensen:

Our boats are getting old, some are passing 39 years. As such regular inspections can save the skipper from having a major problem.

During one Fleet 1 race in high winds, Wooglin broke her Boom Gooseneck and had to retire. In another high wind race, TwoForJuan broke her bottom Pintle, She was floundering in high winds and being blown onto the rock seawall. She was able to get her motor started and stayed off the rocks. This emphasizes the importance of regular inspections.

During our Spring rigging and racing clinic, we inspect each others boats and specifically look at the Goosneck, Rudder Pintles and Gudgeons, Stays, Shrouds, and motor mounts. As you can see in this picture of the lower Pintle, the cracks can be very small. Look on the lower edge right on the weld.


At our third race this year, one of our new members broke the Keel cable during launch. This is not an uncommon event. It emphasizes the need for everyjuan to carry spare keel cables and sheaves.