Split Backstay Tang

By Christian Lamp:
I've been running a 4:1 backstay for a while now, but it didn't quite have the purchase I needed to make adjustments quick and easy. I decided to add an extra Tang to the port side of the transom, and add a block to my backstay, then run a line from my 4:1 tackle to the other tang, which would greatly increase the ease of use. In addition with this setup you can run the lines up into the cockpit for even easier use, such as how Wooglin's backstay adjuster is setup.
I used a 6"x1"x1/8" Schaefer Tang that I picked up at Fisheries Supply in Seattle.
I decided to mount the extra tang externally, but poking up between the aluminum Transom trim piece and the transom itself. I started the job by drilling out the rivet heads so I could remove the Trim Piece. Then I cleaned up the 35 years of junk that was underneath it. Gross.
After that I measured the distance from center that the Starboard tang was so I could place the Port side Tang appropriately. 
I cut a bit of the transom out as show below so that the Tang could lay up Flat against it. It probably doesn't make a difference, but I cut it at an angle thinking it would line up with the direction the lines will be pulling better and ensure both bolts holding the tang on are being pulled against evenly. Again, probably doesn't make a difference, but that was my logic.
As you can see there is a bit of a gap, so I decided I should glass this over so that any water would drain down the transome instead of leaking into the boat.
After the FRP dried i did some sanding, and threw the tang up to test fit it as well as drill the holes needed for the two bolts I planned to use to hold it in place.
You will have to cut a small bit off the bottom of the Aluminum Trim Piece as well. Shown below is the Trim Piece fitted up, and the holes for the bolts drilled, balsa chucked out, and filled with epoxy.
All that's left is to drill the holes out then seal everything up with bedding compound, wait for it to dry then pop rivet the Aluminum trim piece back on.
And one last picture of the Finished Product. Just ignore the touch up paint job.