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Fleet 1 Racing Rules

1. Rules Governing Races:

   1.1    All races conducted by San Juan 21 Fleet 1 shall be governed by US Sailing Rules as modified        by the San Juan 21 Class Assn. and these instructions.

2. Schedule:

2.1    Location, time of start, courses, etc. will be announced separately from these instructions.

3. One Minute Rule:

3.1    The “One minute Rule” will not be in effect unless specifically announced prior to starting.

4. Time Limit:

4.1    The time limit for finishing will be 2 hours for the first boat in each division.  Boats not finishing within 30 minutes of the first boat in their division will be scored DNF

4.2    This requirement may be lifted for races of longer than average length at the discretion of the race Chairman


5. Scoring:

5.1     Scoring will be based on the low point system.  The first place boat will receive 1 point, second place 2 points, third place 3 points, etc.

5.2     Boats scored DNF or DSQ will receive a score equal to the number of competitors. Boats scored as DNS (ranked as a starter but not starting) will receive a score equal to the number of competitors plus 1.  Boats scored DNC will receive a score equal to the number of competitors plus 2.

5.3    Throwouts for the Fleet Championship series and all other fleet 1 series will be allowed as follows:

1-4 = 1

5-8 = 2

9-12 = 3

13-16 = 4

17-20 = 5

21-24 = 6

25-28 = 7

29-32 = 8

33-36 = 9

37-40 = 10

41-44 = 11

45-48 = 12

49-52 = 13

53-56 = 14

57-60 = 15

61-64 = 16

65-68 = 17

69-72 = 18

73-76 = 19

77-80 = 20

81-84 = 21

85-88 = 22

89-92 = 23

93-96 = 24

97-100 = 25


5.4    Competitors will be allowed to throw out DSQ’s

5.5    Ties will be decided on the following basis;

5.5.1      The boat with the most number of first place finishes, followed by the most number of second place finishes, followed by the number of third place finishes, etc until the tie is resolved.

5.5.2      If still tied after 5.5.1,  Remove the smallest throw out from each boat, one at a time until the tie is resolved

5.5.3       If still tied after 5.5.2, the score of the last race in the regatta, series, or season will be the final tie breaker.

6. Registration

6.1     All San Juan 21 owners shall be considered as Guest registrants for the first two Fleet 1 events they attend.  Additional registration may be required for specified regattas such as the Road Warrior series.

6.2      Only San Juan 21 Feet 1 members will be eligible to receive Fleet Championship and other Fleet 1 series points leading to Fleet 1 awards.

7. Racing Divisions:

7.1      Boats will compete in either Working Sails or Spinnaker classes.

7.1a  Working Sails boats are allowed Class Mainsail and Class Jib.

7.1b  Spinnaker class boats are allowed Class Mainsail, Class Jib , Class, and Class Spinnaker

7.2       A boat may change classes in a series but she will be scored DNC for the races in the division in which she does not complete.

8. Safety:

8.1    Boats competing in Fleet 1 events will carry the following, in addition to the San Juan 21 Class Assn. requirements:

8.1.1       One PFD for each crew member.  Note: inflatable life vests only count when worn by a crew person

8.1.2       One throwable PFD

8.1.3       Audible and visual signal devices as required by the USCG

8.1.4        Fire Extinguisher if Motor and/or Fuel or other flammables are on board.

8.1.5        Boats competing in Fleet 1 sanctioned events, whether conducted by fleet 1 or not, will keep their keels pinned in the fully down position while racing.  The exception to this rule is that keels may be temporarily raised to free a grounded boat. Boats may raise the keels to clear weeds or other debris between races.

8.1.6         Boats are requested to notify the race committee if retiring from a race.

9. Owner on board and substitute competitors:

9.1     Boats competing in Fleet 1 sanctioned events shall have at least one of their owners aboard at all times.

9.2    The owner shall be considered the skipper and shall be at the helm a majority of the time while racing.

9.3      Exception to rule 9.2: The racing committee will on occasion allow a “regular crew member” on a boat to act as skipper in the event that an owner is unable to compete.  Owners must notify the racing committee chair a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the start of a race or regatta to obtain consent to exercise this option.

  10. A Boat alone in her class:

10.1    A boat appearing alone in her division shall be awarded a first place for that race.

  11. Alternative penalties:

11.1    The “360 rule” will be in effect as an alternative penalty for all races conducted by Feet 1

  12. Measurement and/or Inspection:

12.1   The Fleet 1 Racing Committee or Race Chairman may at its own discretion or by request of a competitor inspect or measure any boat to determine compliance with fleet, class Assn., or US Sailing rules and specifications.

 13. Protests:

13.1   Protests or requests for redress will be directed to the racing chair and must be presented or postmarked no later than 5 days following the incident.  All protesters must make a reasonable attempt to notify the racing chair of their intent to protest within 24 hours of the incident.  Protests shall be decided at the first reasonable opportunity but no later than the end of the next regular fleet meeting.

 14. Changes to these instructions:

14.1   These instructions may be changed by notifying each skipper in writing or verbally at the skippers meeting prior to a race or regatta.


Currently, Fleet 1 is allowing the following exceptions to SJ 21 Class and US Sailing Rules:

A.     Boats may use a mechanical “boom kicker” or lift to hold the boom in lieu of a topping lift lead to the standing rigging or mast.  The current class Assn. ruling is that only traditional topping lifts may be used in competition.  If you are racing in a SJ 21 Class Sanctioned event, you may not use the “boom kicker”.

B.     Boats may fly the fleet burgee and/or an American flag while racing.