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Charmed Juan

Charmed Juan is a 1976 MK II, Sail # 1524. Skippered by Stephen Jensen and regularly crewed by his son Jorgen.

Charmed Juan is rigged for single handed sailing with all lines led to the cabin top next to the cockpit. She also has a tiller tamer allowing the helmsman to leave the tiller for short periods of time.

She races in the Spinnaker class and has been Fleet champion in 2002, 2005, 2007 & 2008.

One of the items she sports is a mast head topping lift for the boom. This line is attached to the mast head crane and goes down to a block at the back of the boom then forward under the boom to a V-cleat.

This allows the boom to be raised in light airs to keep the leach open like a boom kicker. It also lifts the boom up very high to have standing head room in the cockpit when the sails are down.

You can see these features in the Single Handed Rigging article in the Rigging ideas page of this website.

Another feature of this boat is the Metal Keel Gasket and Keel Fairing. The keel slot trunk on charmed Juan is somewhat bowed. This meant that the metal gasket had to be trimmed a bit more and there is a 3/8" gap on each side of the gasket. I installed short standard Mylar keel gaskets to cover the gaps.