Two For Juan #766



Skipper – Jeff Marshall  Crew – Justin Marshall

San Juan History

Jeff is one of the longest standing members of Fleet #1 in Seattle, and changes San Juan 21 s more often than most people change their pants.  He has owned between a half dozen and 200 different SJ21s depending on who you talk to and how much they have been drinking.  His current stable of boats is large enough that  they can’t all be stored at his house. . .

National Results:


Often Heard Aboard:


Cocktail of choice:


Other Notes:

Jeff is a Firefighter by trade, which you wouldn’t think would give him a big advantage in a Sailboat race.  Of course if that race happens to be in Seattle, where fire boats must go out for routine practice it is interesting that they never seem to pick Two For Juan as a practice target.  If you think it is fun rounding a mark under normal conditions try it while a 18,000 Gallon per minute fireboat has you in their sights.