Osprey #1515



Skipper – Sean Randle  Crew – Jessica Randle

San Juan History

Originally part of the Geary 18 fleet in Coos Bay Sean & Jessica are some of the new generation of San Juan 21 sailors at the CBYC, & have had the chance to learn from some of the masters of the SJ21…  More than one of the CYBC SJ21s were bough new in 1972 with the optional 8 track cassette option.  This was quite an upgrade from the cedar dugout canoes with 22 meter sails made from plaid flannel which were popular in early Oregon club racing. 

National Results:

Osprey put together amazing back to back first place finishes on the second day of racing at the 2008 Western Nationals to finish 4th overall for the regatta.   This husband and wife team definitely has all the skills to put together another strong showing in the 2009 Western Nationals.  

Often Heard Aboard:

The team Motto “We’re going to win this thing.”  This is most often after someone slams the door on their attempt to barge a start, and they are looking at the transoms of the entire fleet.  It is also usually followed quickly by a good natured laugh.

Cocktail of choice:

One that contains Alcohol (they should fit right in)

Other Notes:

Like several of the recent Fleet 43 additions Sean & Jessica are crossovers to SJ21s from the aggressive Geary 18 class.  I have it on good authority that when the wind really comes up Sean & Jessica have been know to hook up their old Geary Trapeze gear to Osprey and get planning so fast that they can run down Hobie 18s.