Miss Bianca #1809

Pictures are forthcoming.  


Skipper – Martin Hiner  Crew – Julia Hiner

San Juan History

Marty bought Miss Bianca in the Summer of 2008 and has only raced her twice at the time of this writing, though he has had PHRF experience in other boats (who’s brands will remain nameless for the protection of the innocent).

National Results:

This will be Marty’s first San Juan 21 Nationals, so everyone please give him support and remind him of the class rules that Novice boats must tow a safety line 20 feet astern preferably with a bucket attached.

Often Heard Aboard:

Boistours renditions of “Here We Have Idaho”…

You've heard of the wonders our land does possess,
It's beautiful valleys and hills,
The majestic forests where nature abounds,
We love every nook and rill!”


Cocktail of choice:

Ice Cold Gatorade.

Other Notes:

It is a little known fact that Marty invented the practice of burnishing sailboat hulls with the skins of Idaho Yukon Gold potatoes which is widely credited for the Alingi Americas cup victory in 2007.  We are in negotiations to have him give a demonstration, but the whole issue is currently tied up in New York courts.