Limpet #759



Skipper – Andy Caples  Crew – TBD

San Juan History

Andy purchased Limpet in the fall of 2007 having never skippered a sailboat through a race in his life… He is still only a young Padawan seeking the knowledge of Fleet #1s many San Juan 21 Jedi.  

National Results:

2009 will be Limpet’s second foray into the Western Nationals.  In 2008 Limpet fought and won a pitched battle with Great Excuse to avoid coming in dead last in the 25 boat working sails fleet in Coos Bay OR.

Often Heard Aboard:

“Are we aground…. AGAIN?”  This is often immediately preceded with assurances from the skipper "Keep going we have plenty of depth!"

Cocktail of choice:

Red Stripe Jamaican Lager - These also seem to immediately precede the exclamations of running aground

Other Notes:

Despite her dismal performance in the 2008 Western Nationals, Limpet has been on a bit of a tear of late, including a working sails victory in the 2009 NOOD in Seattle.  Some say the fancy new Sails from Mark Weinheimer did the trick, others claim Limpet's hull has been coated with a substance secreted by the giant Pacific Sea Cucumber which has a drag coefficient 1000 slicker than Teflon.  The only thing everyone agrees is that her captain has been known to take significant creative liberties with the facts.