Jessie #2063



Skipper – Jim Miller  Crew – Charles Fawcett

San Juan History

Jim is very, very well known in the Seattle sailboat racing scene.  He raced dinghies for years with the Corinthian Yacht Club, and held several positions with the CYC race committee.  Then about 2 years ago Jim decided to move into Keelboats and was faced with a critical decision… which boat to go with?  He investigated the active CYC J24 fleet and realized two things 1) a J24 is a very expensive proposition, and 2) J24 owners are a bunch of bloody gits.  So he gave up his snobby Yacht Club and bought a SJ21.

National Results:

This will be Jim’s first San Juan 21 National event but since he has raced in National events with other classes, I think we may waive the rule requiring Novices to sound a horn three times and do a 360 to make sure they are clear of traffic before tacking.

Often Heard Aboard:

“Hey…  Rule 18.2 is superseded by Rule 18.3 when you are subject to rule 13 inside the Zone.” 

Cocktail of choice:

Fresh squeezed juice… usually from the fruits of victory.

Other Notes:

Jim Miller wrote the racing rules of sailing. 


Unfortunately some pore CYC member several years back wasn’t informed of this and protested Jim at a major regatta.  Jim was able to clearly articulate how the other boat was breaking 54.2 of the 91 rules in the RRS.  By the time it was all over the protest committee had awarded Jim the race, ownership of the guys boat, and naming rights to the poor guys first born son.    (If you ever run into Clearastern Smith you now know the history) So think twice before you pull out that little red flag on Jessie.