Charmed Juan #1524



Skipper – Stephen Jensen  Crew – Jorgen Jensen

San Juan History

Stephen has owned Charmed Juan since 2001.  He crews on a much more expensive J30 but was quick to realize that he could have all the fun for 1/100th the cost with a San Juan 21.  For the last 8 years Charmed Jaun has been at the core (often literally as the start boat) of Fleet#1 racing in Seattle.  The battles between Charmed Juan and Wooglin for the Annual Spinnaker Champion of Fleet #1 have been epic with Charmed Juan taking the title 3 of the last 5 years (last year by ½ point).  

National Results:

At the last Western Nationals in Brownsville in 2005 Charmed Juan claimed a 4th in the working sails division.  This year he will be challenging in the Spinnaker class!

Often Heard Aboard:

“Owwww!!! My shins!”  (let’s just say Stephen hasn’t quite adjusted to his new mid-cockpit traveler arrangement)

Cocktail of choice:

Raaaaaaaaaaaai...Nierrrrrrrrrrr...Beerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (if you don’t get it just watch this… )

Other Notes:

Stephen has served the National Association as Western Vice Commodore, and as National Commodore.  He has served Fleet #1 as Captain 2 years, and Vice Captain 2 years.  He has been our tireless Race chairman for the last 3 years as well.   All this work is more than a little daunting as he manages race schedules which routinely see over a hundred starts in a year.  Many of those include courses set by Stephen himself.  All these details can get Stephen a little distracted, so it is the joint responsibility of everyone at the Regatta to keep him away from restricted waters so he doesn’t get boarded by the Department of Homeland Security like he did last time he sailed near Bremerton (I’m not joking… make sure to ask him about it…)