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2010 Seattle NOOD

One of the National Offshore One Design Regattas (NOOD) will again be hosted by CYC Seattle and Seattle YC, May 14, 15 & 16 at Shilshole Bay in Seattle. This event was a huge success last year and is shaping up to be even bigger this year. We had 15 SJ21s on the line last year.

2010 Registration
To Register online (Registration deadline is May 4th at 5pm EST - you can register after this but but subject to an additional $45 late fee), click here. Registration costs are as follows.
  • $125 for a 21 foot boat.
  • $45 for each social ticket. Food and alcohol after each racing day (3) is included in this ticket. You can also buy them at the day of the event for slightly more. Social tickets are optional.
  • $60 for US Sailing membership.
Although on the pricey side, this is THREE days of very well run racing. In addition it is great exposure for our boats that will help keep the class alive for many years to come. Moorage is included in the registration.

Out of Town Boats - Where to Stay
To try to keep the total cost down for our out of town boats, a number of active Fleet 1 members are offering to house those that are coming from out of town. We will try to accomodate as much as we can. At most, the travelling distance to Shilshoe from any of these houses should be no more than 45 minutes (faster if there is no traffic). If you are interested in this arrangement please send an email to Chris Popich (who is also the SJ21 NOOD Coordinator and pictured below) at

There are also a number of hotels nearby. The NOOD website has a link to a hotel with discounted rates. We also understand that campers can be parked near moorage area (there a number of these last year). Another option is  to sleep on the boats (rough but hey - the material says the SJ21 can sleep four).

Registered as of 4/30/2009 - The list for all Classes is accessible by clicking here.
We are anticipating more registrations over the next couple of weeks and are working to get 15 - 20 boats on the line. We are currently the largest fleet registered for the NOOD. Let us show the Northwest sailing community that the San Juan 21's are an active fleet.

Spinnaker  - Registered
  1. Kermit  - Wenatchee, WA
  2. Habagat - Seattle, WA
  3. Charmed Juan - Bothell, WA
  4. YellowJacket - Clarkston, WA
  5. Blue Pearl - Helena, Montana
  6. Great Excuse - Auburn, WA
  7. Wooglin Juance Again - Federal Way, WA
  8. Bulls-eye - Helena, Montana
  9. Jessie  - Federal Way, WA
  10. Golden Girl - Bozeman, Montana
Working Sails - Registered
    1. Scout - Granite Falls, WA
    2. Parveen - Seattle, WA
    3. BoB - Kapwosin, WA
    4. Limpet - Seattle, WA
    5. PGS Juan - Montlake, WA

Driving to the Launch Site
If heading North on I-5, there are two ways to get to Shilshoe Marina, via the 45th Street Exit or the 85th St. Exit. Although on a map, the 85th St. Exit appears to be more direct, the consensus among Fleet 1 sailors is that the 45th Street Exit is better when trailering a boat. The other has a steep twisty hill as you get closer to Shilshoe. You can make it, but it is scary. Here is the route via the 45th Street Exit. If you want a little virtual on ground tour of the launch site and the area around NOOD click here.

Fleet 1 thanks all the boats that are planning to participate in this regatta. This really is a fun regatta with three days of competitive racing. If you are thinking of coming, please take the leap and register your boat. We look forward to getting together on race day.

Also, we may have a little barbeque Thursday afternoon as people come over to launch their boats. More information on this will follow as the date nears and we have a general idea of when people are putting into the water.

If you have any questions about the 2009 Seattle NOOD, post it in the SJ21 Fleet 1 Forums, and any of the Fleet 1 sailors who participated last year will try to answer your question. You can also ask Chris Popich directly.

Chris Popich had so much fun he had this smile for weeks!