Well, Spring's a wrap, next up Summer Vashon!

posted Jun 6, 2012, 1:16 PM by Christian Lamp
Spring racing is over, and summer has started... We have a lot of Summer racing built into the Road Warrior schedule this year. None are automatically part of the RW series unless there are atleast 3 Fleet 1 boats in attendance.
First up is the Summer Vashon race on June 16th, that's 10 days away. It's an out and back course, and as I understand about 8-10 miles round trip, so it should have some nice long upwind and downwind runs. I'm not sure who currently plans to attend, but I think Mizu and Charmed Juan will be there.
We have a Fleet Meeting June 21 at our usual location, the Chelan Cafe in west seattle.
After that we are set up to attend the Whidbey Island Dinghy Weekend in July. As well I'm not 100% sure who's attending, but I've heard the Parveen, No Excuse, and possibly Jessie are going to be in attendance.