TTYPC Registration open, and Spring Series scoring is up

posted Apr 4, 2012, 9:30 AM by Christian Lamp
Check out the "racing" link on the left as Stephen has updated the Spring standings. The weather's been pretty bad for the first two races of the year for Fleet 1 so attendance has been a little slim. Here's hoping for good weather on the 14th in Seattle!
Also, if you didn't get Chris' email, Registration for the TTPYC Spring Regatta is open as well. Check the "files" section on the left to enter.
Here's the text of Chris' email
 just received the registration info on this years TTPYC Spring Regatta so I thought I'd forward it along so everyone can get it on their schedule.
April 28/29 at the City of Des Moines marina.
This is always a good one and we always get the royal treatment from the yacht club....
- Free hoist launching Friday and Saturday and retrieving on Sunday. You have to pay moorage - $16.00 a day.
- Racing Saturday (as many as they can get off)
- Burgers and beer right at the guest moorage docks.
- Racing Sunday (as many as they can get off again)
- Awards with a chowder/sandwich buffet and $1.00 beers at Anthony's
It really is a good one.

As an added incentive it looks like the Cal 20s from TYC are going to be there too.

- Chris