Spring Sailing Is Just Around the Corner!

posted Feb 14, 2020, 3:41 PM by Kris Barker
Lots to cover so hang in there!

At the fleet meeting last night (Thursday, Feb 13th) we finalized the 2020 calendar which includes:
  • 4 spring and 3 fall fleet events, all at Coulon Park in Renton
  • 4 road warrior events including the 3rd annual Gene Regatta in September
  • The North American Championship, this year in Klamath Falls, OR, in June
  • Monthly fleet meetings & our Christmas Party in December
We also approved a slight change to the day-of schedule for fleet races - first race will begin at 11:30AM which should allow us to get a few more races in over the season as well as open up opportunities for longer or more varied courses. (No race starts after 3pm remains the same.) Note that this applies to ALL fleet races - we've eliminated the daylight savings time vs. standard time difference.

You can view the updates on your Google Calendar (click here if you need to add it) or click on Events Calendar to see upcoming events. And don't forget to pay your 2020 dues - you can join Fleet 1using the Join Form ... and join the National Association here.

We had great turnout at the fleet meeting - let's see that carry into a great racing season! Numbers were down a bit last year, especially in the fall. But just think back a few years at how much fun this all is with 10+ boats on the water!

Finally, for now, we're going to be setting up a text/phone tree to better facilitate day-before-race-day communications/coordination. I got a bunch of numbers at the meeting, but if you weren't there, please send me your name and phone number so I can add it to the list. (Presumably we have email addresses - but if you don't get fleet emails and would like to, include that as well.) Thanks!