Spring #4

posted May 10, 2020, 2:53 PM by Kris Barker
Spring #4 did actually happen on Saturday May 8th with 3 boats in the water and 2 others unable to find parking (ack!). Stephen reports that the winds were good until about 2pm then got pretty light. This completes our Spring Series ... and, as you all know, it's been a highly unusual one.

The next scheduled sailing event is the North Americans in Klamath Falls the last weekend in June. At this point that event is on, however, a final determination will be made at the National Association meeting on Thursday, June 4th so stay tuned here and on the National Association site.

Meanwhile, we haven't had a fleet meeting in a couple of months so we'll be trying the Zoom thing this Thursday, 5/14 at 6:30pm. Keep a lookout for an invite in your email and I hope to see you there.