2012 Schedule is finalized!

posted Feb 17, 2012, 4:53 PM by Christian Lamp   [ updated Feb 17, 2012, 4:56 PM ]
We finalized the Race schedule for 2012 last night, and we should be starting on March 3rd or March 10th as an alternate with the Rigging and Racing clinic.
Looks like the events have been posted to the forums by Stephen, so check his post out for the Relevant dates. Click Me!
We have some things of note this year... there are A LOT of potential Road Warrior Races. There are just too many good races going on this year for us to limit it to 3-4 races. We did add the provision that there must be at least 3 Fleet 1 Boats in attendance for that Race to count towards points. So if there is a RW race you absolutely must go, now is the time to start campaigning your fellow Fleet 1 Skippers to sign up for it.
Jack Caldwell and Jeff Dere, with Gene Adams are also coming up with a pretty aggressive Cruising schedule this year, something that Fleet 1 has always been lacking a little bit of. Jack suggested we piggy back a few of our races and turn them into overnighter's.
We proposed Everett as a new location for Fleet 1 to race at this year, and a few of us love the Langley Small boat harbor, so we are potentially piggy backing that into an overnighter from Spring #5. It is dependant on Moorage as they mean it when they call it a "small boat harbor".

The June 16th Summer Vashon, as well as the August 18th Brownsville race will likely be overnighters as well. Jack will be coming up with more details for the Summer Vashon one, but the Brownsville race has been an overnighter for us for the past 3 years and details are similar.
I looked up the Tide charts, and conditions look favorable for us getting through Agate pass this weekend in a timely fashion.
Can you smell the cool breeze blowing yet?