Road Warrior #1 - Norm Blanchard W.O.O.D. Regatta

posted Apr 21, 2021, 1:17 PM by Kris Barker
Greetings - the Norm Blanchard is this weekend, April 24/25, on Lake Union. As of this writing, winds look light to moderate with a change of some light precip on Saturday, but hey, it's still early. I suspect we'll need at least 5 boats to get our own start so head on into town and let's do some racing!

Stephen and I are launching on Friday afternoon and taking the boat down to CWB; they provide us w/ dock space for the weekend. It'd be great to have a few of us there and maybe catch a little dinner close by. Racing both days is noon-5pm with awards following on Sunday. Registration and racing instructions are available up on Norm Blanchard W.O.O.D. Regatta - so get to the site and sign up now!

See you on the water ... this Saturday!