Norm Blanchard Recap ...You missed a really good one!

posted Apr 30, 2021, 3:22 PM by Kris Barker
It was great to get back out on the water (Stephen's knees held up :-) and the Norm Blanchard regatta back in full force last weekend. Just two "classic plastic" boats - Juans2B (Paul & Vanessa) vs. Charmed Juan (Stephen & Kris) - and the racing was incredibly close both days.

There were 3 starts - we were initially put in the 2nd group (kinda mid-sized boats) doing a single lap of the round-the-lake course, but after finishing WAY more quickly than the race committee expected, we were moved up to the 1st start of larger boats and 2 laps for each race. Even with that, our two little San Juans won nearly every race.

The final tally was Paul 3, Stephen 3 - including the last race by less than half a boat length! The wind was good both days (especially Saturday) and despite a little ran on the first day, the conditions were great. If you are a little jealous, you sure should be!

Just two more fleet races left this spring - great tune-ups for the Nationals in Klamath Falls in June. Hope to see a bunch of boats at Coulon on May 8th and 22nd.