Next Up - Fleet Christmas Party!

posted Nov 27, 2012, 11:51 AM by Christian Lamp
A note from Chris Popich below... Email him for more information on what you can bring, address, phone number, etc.. I pulled his home address in case anyone had a carton of eggs and wanted to go for a drive... Kids these days!


Now that the boats are all tucked away it's time to wrap up the season with our annual Fleet 1 Christmas Party.
This year the festivities will take place at "Chateau Wooglin" on Sunday December 2nd starting at 3:00PM.
We'll have a short annual meeting to elect officers for next year, partake in a pot-luck dinner, hand out the trophies for this years Fleet Championship and finish up with the highly anticipated "White Elephant... (or not) Gift Exchange!   

Let me know if you'll be able to join us, how many you'll be and what food item you'd like to bring. I'll let you know if we're getting overloaded on anything and where we are for a head count. 

Main Course Spiral Ham (fleet)
Potato dish
Vegetable dish
Famous specialty dish (if you have one)

Bring a wrapped gift and take a pick.
$10.00 maximum recommended.