More on the Alki race ...

posted Nov 4, 2015, 4:07 PM by Kris Barker
(Following is a recap from Jack.)
Thanks to all the skippers for bringing there boats/crew (7 boats in all), competitive spirit and appetites to Alki this last Saturday.

It was a bit special, wind wise, to have it clocking around as it did in the early going and have to switch windward mark from the North  to the south. For those of you that couldn't make it we had at bit of rain a the beginning and almost no wind then the rain stopped and the wind came up progressively as the hours went by with white caps and all, just right for our SJ21s. It was very satisfying sailing and we had sun for the last part of the races and had our picnic under sunny skies.

We tried something new for our fleet in having an Onshore Race Committee at the Start/Finish line.
The location lends itself well to this kind of setup, however our rooky Onshore Race Committee Leader had a home emergency and missed his briefing about his duties, Jim Miller stepped in and got them going as best as they could at the time.

For our Post Race Picnic a popular local restaurant supplied us with all of its special fix-ins to give us a rather unique Pulled Pork Sandwich experience. Their Carolina Sauce, and pickled onions together was very interesting to me.

Many of you may remember Fauso, he came down to take pictures with his big camera and he said he would be glad to supply us with some new pictures for "our boats of fleet #1" section on our web site.

 Uncharacteristically for me I had a large crew that was capable of using the boat to its max which made it fun for me plus I didn't have to work so hard which was a novel experience.

Hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did and please feel free to add your remarks.