Happy New Year - 2021 Racing Plans

posted Jan 15, 2021, 12:26 PM by Kris Barker
Greetings and Happy 2021. Hopefully we will not only get more boats out for fleet racing, but have the opportunity for a few other events this year as well. We had a fleet meeting on Thursday 1/14 and approved the 2021 race schedule - check out Events Calendar for all the details.

We have 5 spring and 3 fall events planned, with 3 road warrior regattas: the hoped for CWB Regatta in April, the Chelan Regatta in September, and the return of "The Gene" also in September down in Des Moines. And, the postponed North Americans are happening in Klamath Falls in mid-June. Our fleet races will all be NOON 1st starts this year - once we get a few more boats out on a regular basis, we'll re-discuss the issue of 1st start time at later in the year fleet meetings.

So start getting those boats ready! First spring race is March 13 ... just 2 short months away. Sailing is an ideal "social distancing" activity (as long as we don't run into each other :-) and even though we didn't have that much participation last year, I know you are out there! We should be able to field 8-10 boats each event ... wouldn't THAT be fun!