Fall Series is coming fast...

posted Aug 22, 2011, 1:29 PM by Christian Lamp
Can you believe it? Only 5 days till the first race of the fall season!
For those that don't know, this is also an overnighter race as usually we get a few boats that cruise over Friday night, leaving from Shilshole, stay over Friday and Saturday nights for some camping, cooking, and relaxing under the dark and starry Brownsville Sky.
Brownsville marine is very well sheltered so your boat will be very calm as you sleep. It's nice and quiet with many friendly people as well. If you haven't camped out on your boat or done any races with Fleet 1, this event would be a great opportunity to get your feet wet!
Hopefully we'll see you all there in 5 days! Check out our forums, and let us know if you're coming!