Did you know..

posted Dec 28, 2011, 1:26 PM by Christian Lamp
That Fleet 1's event Calendar is just a simple Google Calender and as such you should be able to sync it up to your Computer's Calendar, or even your phone?
How bout that fleet has it's very own forums www.sj21fleet1forums.org
Also, did you know that San Juan 21's are on Facebook? Next time you log in, do a search for San Juan 21, and you can connect with other Sj21 sailor's and interested friends in places other than the national class forums.
Oh yeah, that last one... The national association has forums too. www.sj21class.org/phpbb2 come join in the fun!
And lastly... New Year's Eve is coming up this week! Which means Spring racing will be coming up soon also, so get your boat work done asap:)