A message from Fausto

posted Jan 8, 2014, 1:16 PM by Christian Lamp
In case you were not at the November Meeting, or December Christmas Party, Fleet 1 elected to donate some money in Fausto's name as a thank you for all his work with the fleet, website, and continuing support through domain name registration, etc,  to the World Food Program to go towards the Filipino's affected by the last hurricane that hit the area.

Fausto has been stationed in the Philippines for more than a year and has seen first hand the devastation the hurricane caused. 

Thanks for all your support Fausto and see you soon!


I got the email a few moments.  I am incredibly touched, but more important, it will  take care of people's immediate nutritional needs.  While I was there for five days, I witnessed WFP's work first hand.  They made and will continue to make a difference.  

As some of you know I was in Tacloban for five days, spending Thanksgiving in a dark city eating MREs. I was there for the US Government trying to find missing Americans at the same time reporting back on relief efforts.  Very little can prepare you for the level of destruction.  Between the 250 plus mile winds and up to 30 foot wall of water, Town after after town we passed looked like they were carpet bombed.  Residents face years of recovery. 

Long way if saying thank you! 

Hope to get back to Seattle the NOODs next year.