2011 SJ21 Fleet 1 Racing and Meeting Time Again!

posted Jan 13, 2011, 10:41 PM by Christian Lamp
Hello Captains and Friends of Fleet 1!
I and the rest of Fleet 1 hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, but it’s now the middle of January and we already have to start planning this years Activities and deciding where we want to take Fleet 1 this year as Racing is just around the corner!
In case you didn’t know we have a Fleet Meeting on Thursday the 20th of January at the Chelan Café in West Seattle. See www.sj21fleet1.org for more information about the location and directions.
We have quite a few things on the agenda, bulleted with a bit of information about each topic down below.
  1. Spring Rigging Clinic - In case you don’t know, in the Spring we do a rigging clinic, so if you’re new to the fleet, or just need a refresher on how to put your boat together, bring the boat out, and we’ll show you how!
  2. Spring Team Race - At that time we also do Team Racing, wherein we mix up all the skippers (and crew) into two teams of 3-4 skippers per boat, and we all race each other. Team coordination is key here if you want to win! IF you’ve never raced a sailboat, this is also a GREAT way to learn! You’re in a boat, full of a bunch of other skippers, and you get to hear all their gentle encouragement and helpful instructions! What could go wrong? right? right?
  3. Schedule for 2011’s racing, Spring, Fall, and Road Warrior Series’ – We’ve lost the TTYC and the Norm Blanchard Regatta this year, so we are going to look into alternative venues like some new one design races being held by the Tacoma Yacht Club. Mini NOOD anyone?
  4. Loose Footed Main discussion – I already posted some info on the home page at www.sj21fleet1.org re: this, so check that out. At our meeting we’ll be talking over where Fleet 1 stands wrt this issue, and voting on it. So if you want your vote to be heard re: this issue, be sure to show up next week!
Please don’t feel you have to come to every meeting, BUT, and I know it’s a cliché, Fleet 1 really is only as strong as it’s members. Whether you’re a skipper, or just a friend of the Fleet we would love to have you at these meetings. All viewpoints, and opinions are welcomed, and the food and discussion are always good as well. Even if you can’t make it to a meeting, but you care about one of the topics that is going to be discussed, mail someone in leadership. Any one of us would be glad to present your point of view to those at the meetings.
We don’t get too many people coming to these meetings outside the 6-8 usual suspects, so I really hope more of you are able to take some time out this year and help us steer this ship upwards and onwards. We represent you and want to make sure you get everything you can out of this Fleet, but we DO need your help to ensure that happens!