2010 is a wrap!

posted Dec 6, 2010, 2:44 PM by Christian Lamp
Congratulations to Paul Von Stubbe, and Chris Popich for winning the working sails and spinnaker class divisions Season Hi Points races respectively!
Paul put up a pretty dominating and very steady year but had some tough competition from Mike Dukes in the fall series. It should be a nice matchup to watch next year if Mike continues to stay in working sails and competes for the whole season.
In the Spinnaker division, 1st through 3rd places were only seperated by 2 points with Jim Miller in Jessie showing he was capable of putting up some tough competition and breaking the 1/2 punch that Chris and Stephen have had on the Spinnaker class the past few years dropping Charmed Juan to 3rd places after some Tie breakers. This also should be another great competition next year as I'm sure Stephen is going to come out swinging.
So everyone have a happy holidays, stay safe, get some work done on your boats, and hopefully we'll  see you at the January meeting to help us plan the Rigging and Racing clinic as well as where we want to take this Fleet in 2011!